Use of Materials Disclaimer

Branford Knights of Columbus Stella Maris Council 10 is a local organization whose website uses source materials (e. g. recruitment videos, pictures, icons, information, infographics, and specific quotations) provided by a national organization: namely, the Supreme Council of the Knights of Columbus and its affiliated websites and publications including, Columbia Magazine, Knightline, and  All rights remain reserved by that organization and its affiliates for any materials attributed to them by this website.

Sources of material used on this website and attributed to others are cited using this style of block typeface.

In a few instances, citations were not easily able to be placed on the same page as the attributed images, resulting in this disclaimer page with two additional citations.   In these cases our web software did not allow proper place for us to show the above citations near these occurrences.  As a result, we created this page to achieve our goal of 100% attribution across our website to any sources used other than any of the following possible contributors:

  • Council 10 members
  • Parishioners of St. John Bosco Parish
  • Staff members of St. John Bosco Parish

We apologize in advance if there are any omissions of attribution.

  • The top area of our home page contains an artist’s rendering of Venerable Michael J. McGivney for the cover of the August 2017 cover of Columbia Magazine, the same month this website was first created.  This image uses material from the following.
Source: Page 1 of
  • The large slider on our home page contains a link to Columbia Magazine, issued monthly, from which one infographic or photo from the latest month’s issue will be used.  As of 3/15/19, our slider’s link to Columbia Magazine uses material from the following.
Source: Page 15 of

The page number we take each month’s picture from will obviously change each month but anyone can find the source document of the current month’s issue using the above hyperlink’s format by changing the three letter month and two digit year as needed.