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Monastery Clean Up October 2017

October 2017
Matt Hally and Patrick Jonynas ( left to right )
Photo by Joe Byrne
Stephen Wilhelm
Photo by Joe Byrne
Stephen Montano and Stephen Wilhelm (left to right)
Photo by Joe Byrne
Matt Hally and Patrick Jonynas (left to right)
Photo by Joe Byrne

Columbus House Fish Fry 2017

2017 Fish Fry

Andy Perrone, Stephen Wilhelm, Stephen
Montano and Liam Cotter (left to right)
fry up some delicious fish.
Photo by Joe Byrne

The finished product.
Photo by Catherine DiTuri
Development Director, Columbus House Inc.

Bill Cash and Stephen Montano
Photo by Joe Byrne

Liam Cotter, Andy Perrone and Stephen
Montano (left to right)

Photo by Joe Byrne

Andy Perrone, Stephen Montano, Stephen
Wilhelm and Liam Cotter (left to right)
Photo by Catherine DiTuri,
Development Director, Columbus House Inc.

To Volunteer at our Coffee And Danish Events

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If you would like to volunteer at one of our upcoming Coffee And Danish events, please contact any of the following below to let them know:

Pro-Life Award Winners

Congratulations to Bro. Mike Ferraro and Rev. Robert Landback (shown above) who received the Saint Gianna Beretta Molla Medal for their work and commitment to pro-life on Sunday October 8, 2017 at the Cathedral of St. Joseph in Hartford where Archbishop Leonard P. Blair celebrated the annual archdiocesan Respect Life Mass.

For more information see:

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December 2017 Raffle Drawing at Christmas Party

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Bro. Jim Hayes is running a $10/ticket raffle. The four prizes are pictured below. The drawing will be held at our Christmas Party in December. Click on any picture below to see more information about that product. Which one will you win?

Buy your tickets at our next meeting!

Apple iPad Pro (worth $649)


Amazon Gift Card (for $300)


Le Petit Cafe Gift Card (for $150), an award-winning restaurant on the Branford town green…


Stop & Shop Gift Card (for $100)


10.1 – 11.30 October/November Birthdays

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Happy Birthday wishes go out to all Brothers with an August or September birthday, including:

  • Anthony Alfone
  • Thomas Avallone
  • Melville Baisley
  • Richard Bradley
  • Brother James Branigan
  • Rev. Faron Calumba
  • Bill Charbonneau
  • Andrew Colavolpe
  • James Conklin
  • Jorge Crespo
  • David DeLise
  • Mario DiNoto
  • Gordon Downer
  • Salvatore Elmo
  • Fred Galdenzi
  • Michael Gargamelli
  • Alfred Giordano
  • John Hess Jr.
  • Patrick Jonynas
  • Theodore Kiritsis Jr.
  • Robert Lamb
  • Robert Malek
  • Charles Marinuzzi
  • Lou Maturo
  • Bosco Miranda
  • John Mooney
  • Joseph Nardini
  • Robert Ogonowski
  • Carl Olson
  • Jairo Ospina
  • Salvatore Pannone
  • Mark Peruzzi
  • Frederick Russo
  • Alexander Sagnella
  • Thomas Shanley
  • Randall Spinnato
  • Neil Sullivan
  • Roland Wang


Catholic News Service – Best Movies of 2016

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Do you want to know the Catholic News Services’ top 10 movies overall and top 10 family films of 2016?

Anyone may open and read all the articles available on Catholic News Service by subscribing to a 1, 2, or 3 year subscription from, provided by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).

Without a subscription, only 5-10% of the articles will open on the CNS site.  To see more on Catholic News Service, visit

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A one-year subscription to Catholic News Service is $99.

Are you wondering what movie heads the 2016 Best Movie List?

You can find out by visiting the Catholic News Service now because the movie list does NOT require a subscription.

It can be found at the following website address: (just click the link to visit it)

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Catholic Transcript Online

For the very latest news in our Diocese and around the world, please visit this month’s edition of the Catholic Transcript Online, the Magazine of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Hartford, Connecticut.



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